I purchased a cheap milling machine from china $US130 and have since worked through

I purchased a cheap milling machine from china $US130 and have since worked through the pcb milling process. The results are quite outstanding thanks to chilipeppr.

Wow. Looks great.

That PCB milling looks quite nice.

I gotta say, for $130, that is a better looking PCB than I’ve seen from any timing belt based machine. Nice work! It does look like the drill holes are not quite centered on some of the pads, but they totally still work. What end mill did you use? Any video of the milling?

Sorry no video.

The end mills are from china too I used cutting depth of 0.08mm at 1mm/s cutting speed. I tried a series of cuts going from 0.1 mm to 0.02 mm in 0.02 mm steps to see what worked. Next time I will try 0.06 mm depth.
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

It’s look awesome, a very good result. But, please try the spiral engraver endmills, they maybe some $ more expensive but they have a very good cut process and you can better control the cutting depth. Here for an example a german link :

Do you have a link to this machine?

Here is the link


Wow! What a nice result for such a cheap machine. I’m getting there, I didn’t test for my first board, just took defaults. I just ordered some spiral bits so I’m going to wait until they get here before doing any more.

I agree with Frank that those v-bits are not good to use. I use these for my finest trace milling http://www.precisebits.com/products/carbidebits/tapered_stub_125.asp

@John_Western did you sand those down afterward? Those v bits always curl up the copper and create a lot of chads and clean up work. So although your 0.06mm looks nice, and that is narrow, when doing a real board with lots of twists and turns I found these bits no good.

Any pics for size reference?
I just read the specs in the link, ,and that’s very tiny unless my conversion was wrong. Approx 3/4" x 3/8" in the XY? Is that right?

Opps, just realised in said cm not mm.

The pcb is about 54mm x 35 mm there is a pic micro in a 44 pin TQFP package in the middle.

I did do a quick sand of the PCB once it was finished.

I will get some spiral end mills and see how they go

Can anyone help with this.

I can get the auto-levelled data and display the matrix and send the data to the G code to be milled. But I cannot get the option view auto-levelled gcode to work so I can save and review later.
When I click on the option nothing happens.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@John_Western The Grbl Auto-Level is a different version of the widget than the TinyG, so I actually have never used it. However, if the dialog box to view the auto-levelled Gcode isn’t showing, see if there’s an error in the Javascript debug console. What you can do instead is simply send Gcode to workspace and view it from there and/or download the Gcode to look at it in a text editor. The download Gcode link is in the file pulldown menu in the workspace in top left. Your matrix looks great though, so looks like you got a good auto-level. BTW, make sure you don’t auto-level your Gcode multiple times. I’ve done that in the past. When in doubt, reload your original Gcode, then go to auto-level. Then load your past probe data in upper right corner triangle menu. Then send auto-levelled gcode to workspace.

@John_Western1 Do you have a link to download this 1 layer board file. I guess thats very useful for my pcb milling tests.

Thanks John saved the file as per your instructions