I print ABS. I am curious about getting myself a bed that I print

I print ABS. I am curious about getting myself a bed that I print on cold and then heat it to dislodge the print though. I think that would be rather energy efficient and less troublesome. If it was a setup with no heat required ever, that would be even more interesting.

Even if you get a bed with enough stick to grip cold the abs will crack on layers if not kept warm.

So even if I got a couple of inches up, it still might delaminate? Would it change any if PETG was used instead?

PETG doesn’t delaminate but it needs a warm bed. But might get away with lowering the bed temperature after the first layer.

Yep, ABS warps/cracks too much when printed cold. Putting hot molten plastic on top of cold plastic is what causes warping and delamination. You can set the nozzle temp really hot to get it to stick and not crack, but then it’s weak because of residual contraction stresses. In my opinion, ABS isn’t worth printing without a good heatbed and enslosure to keep ambient temp over 35C. It just doesn’t perform all that well otherwise.

@Ryan_Carlyle ​, the temperature is Cyprus is hitting 38C.

I’ll try printing abs without an inclosure to see what happens :slight_smile:

You could always get a flexible plate to print on and then just bend it to pop off the prints.