I posted a little while ago about my laser running under powered compared to

I posted a little while ago about my laser running under powered compared to my old AWC708 controller and a wierd ignition period at the start of a burn. I finally got a chance to make some video. If you look at the pictures to can see the ignition start in the circles. The Ammeter reads 4ma at the start of the arc but it’s refresh is pretty slow.

With the Awc708 100% made about 32ma (100w) with the smoothie I sometimes make 24ma. In the video I’m cutting at 100% and about 350mm/min. Its hardly cutting through the 1/4" ply. I used to be able to cut through the same ply at twice the speed and really around the same power because I rarely pushed the tube to 100%.

The main difference I can think of is the pwm vs PPI strategy or the signal going to my power supply is different. I’m open to advice here though. I really want to keep going with this project and contribute more but it’s hard when my laser went from really capable and great to barely functional.

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Seems like it might be related: http://diylaser.blogspot.com/2011/09/laser-power-settings-via-pwm-can-fool.html

So, Yes it is. But I also have 2 different controllers now to base my “power percentage v output” too. I actually had to limit my percentage on the AWC708 to about 85% because of what he is talking about.

I have my limit in the smoothie config at 1 (100%) and am still getting about 8ma less power. So like peter said it would be interesting to see the PWM output I am getting from the x5gt.

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well I have probably the largest selection of unused controller boards out there right now. Just need a EE to come hang out for an afternoon.

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