I picked up a cheap white styrofoam Jack O' Lantern on clearance at Michaels,

I picked up a cheap white styrofoam Jack O’ Lantern on clearance at Michaels, and lit it up using a Gemma, 24 NeoPixel ring, and a 3xAAA battery holder. Nothing too fancy, but thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

Build pics: https://goo.gl/photos/EkMLPCU67a3izKmW7
Source code: https://github.com/jasoncoon/fastled-jack-o-lantern

I did the same. Just put red led light in it. Looks great at night. This one looks really good as well.

Love the project. It inspired me to grab materials for two.

Great idea, cheap and easy to make, love it.

It’s doing the spooky sound too?

Thanks! I definitely wouldn’t recommend the Gemma, I’d go with at least a Trinket Pro for more program storage space. I’m already running out with only two simple animations.

It doesn’t make any sound (but probably could), that’s just background music I added to the video. :slight_smile:

Hallowlicious! Love it.

@Jason_Coon how does “hue = random8(86)” only give you “// red, orange, yellow, or green (“scary colors”)?”

Btw, at my house, Halloween is known as Hallowizzle. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions soon as I repurpose my FSM for dual Hallowizzle and Christmas duty soon. Here’s the raw wire frame back in 2008:

@Chris_Creel It actually gives me any hue between red and green, including red, orange, yellow, green. After looking at the FastLED “Rainbow” hue chart, I need to change that to “hue = random8(96)”: https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/FastLED-HSV-Colors

@Jason_Coon Thanks. I’ll play around with that. I actually understand it now after looking again at the rainbow and thinking about the 86 vs 96 as the upper limit of the random8()