I own a 3D printer for some years now,

(Reinhard “Barmonster” Mitschang) #1

I own a 3D printer for some years now, but I’m still mesmerized by the fact, that I can draw something I need (or I just came up with) with a few clicks (or a few more ) and have it in my hand shortly after. Just made a spare-part for a keychain-buckle with wich I always carry around a memory-stick. Before that I made a special washer to repair my vacuum cleaner. Before that I designed (and printed) a special cap for calibrating an o2-probe with nitrogen gas which will probably prolong the life of the membrane of that probe at least for a few months (long-term tests have yet to be made ). Fun-Fact: this part itself costs as much as my Monoprice Mini Delta. Maybe I can talk my boss into buying my next printer if that design really works as intended.

(Daniel Bull) #2

Depends on your definition of “shortly after” :wink: anything bigger than a few cm ends up being hours and hours.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #3

@Daniel_Bull still quicker than ordering a part, and certainly cheaper!:wink:

(Juan Valencia) #4

This is amazing =)

(Daniel Bull) #5

Yeah fair enough :wink: