I ordered these with the intention of trying a direct drive extruder.

I ordered these with the intention of trying a direct drive extruder.

Unfortunately they have a pattern rather than actual teeth.

I don’t know whether to return them or make a hobber to try and add some teeth.

Where did you get those from?

They look pretty much useless :confused:

Reprap World. http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=323&cPath=1595_1639

I won’t be using them again if this is the quality of products they are happy to ship. Very poor indeed.

Wow, i thought those were supposed to be some other part which wasn’t even intended as a drive gear. Let’s hope they just “slipped QC” and they’re in fact not happy to have shipped those.

I have emailed them stating that the product is not fit for purpose and asking to return the item. Their response was that the picture on the website clearly shows the product and because its aluminium i could easily make more teeth myself. absolutely appalling customer service.

I see… http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=248&cPath=1595_1639 seems to be the proper link, then. But to be honest, the picture does show the gears just the way you got them. This profile might be the only that lasts in an aluminum gear - if it were stainless steel, like the ones you linked to, you could use a regular hobbed profile, but in aluminum that would deform and break after a couple meters of filament.

They look like gears for Synchromesh.

It looks like the design we came up with at @Hive76 , just poorly executed https://ultimachine.com/content/hive76-milled-bolt-m8-x-60mm

@Thomas_Sanladerer The question is are they ‘fit for purpose’?

Have you tried using them yet? Do you know for a fact that they don’t really work?

I had some from them, and if you want to make it work with 3mm and 0.5 nozzle, they work well, not so well with 0.35 mm nozzle, but they work, you should have watch before, I have some stainless steel from them, with better teeth and grip, they’re a little more expensive, but work well with 0.35 mm nozzle, but again what you have work with a good pressure from idler. And if you have buy some stainless steel and receive some aluminium one, say it to them, I have done it and they exchange without problem, because that was not the thing I have paid for, but only if you paid the stainless stell.

I bought one of them… It doesn’t work!!! Finally I have get one mini hyena!!! It works very well

@ThantiK @camusat_emmanuel @Jose_Gemez I haven’t tried this yet as I am trying to return them to the seller. I don’t understand how they can possibly work as the gear is smooth in the centre of the channel where the filament would contact it.

I’m just annoyed that the seller thinks its acceptable to sell this and when I questioned the quality of the teeth I’m told that its only aluminium, cut some teeth in it yourself.