I ordered stepper motors from  Robotdigg for my Herculien from the BOM link but

I ordered stepper motors from Robotdigg for my Herculien from the BOM link but I am not sure its the correct one, here is the link

it is a 6 pin motor? I thought they should be 4 pin?

Also the same for the extruder motor

6 or 4, it can be made to work. IIRC there are two, three leg circuits, you drop the middle wire and only use the four outside leads. Google it.

Okay thanks will look how its done. Is it true however that I am only using part of the coil in the motor?

It looks like this: http://www.osmtec.com/images/4-and-6-wire.png

I think the middle leg is to provide feedback to driver that allow it.

(not true, see bellow)

It is just a standard plug interface some steppers use. They supply a 4wire cable with the stepper. Also they can make custom length cables for you too if you ask them.

The #2 and #5 pins are intended for the center taps required to run the motors in Unipolar mode, but they are not connected to anything in any of the RobotDigg motors I’ve checked.

The RobotDigg motors are also odd in that the #3 and #4 pins are reversed. The cable that comes with it switches the pins back to the correct order (it’s wired 1-3-2-4), but without modification, that motor won’t work with any other cable, and vice versa.

We used to use these in some of the DeltaMaker printers. They’re not the strongest, but they’re passable.

@ThantiK the 60mm ones? They are torque monsters on mine. Dang near nema 23 motor ranges.

@Eclsnowman , I was just going by the picture. Looks like the description is for the larger (deeper) versions. The deeper ones are great. Been a long day.

Anyone have a source for the wire harness?

@Vic_Catalasan http://www.robotdigg.com/product/192/Extra-cables-w/-Dupont-Connector-for-RobotDigg-stepper-motors-in-lengths

@Vic_Catalasan the cables should have come with the motor, and like I said, their motors aren’t compatible (without modification) with cables from anywhere else.

Thanks Eric, I have nearly everything now to start my build. Just waiting from a local friend on the printed templates. His printer must be really slow because he started printing before I started ordering… LOL

@Whosa_whatsis Unfortunately I did not see in the package

What I did it take the templates, print them in sections and paste them together. Thats why I have them subdivided with grid lines like they are (makes them easy to reassemble).

I look forward to seeing your progress.

The motors came with a 4 to 6 pin cable on my friends order. He is Building a extended HercuLien, mostly following erics design… With everything electronic addon possible.