I ordered some sample PLA from 3D2print  but having the same trouble with it

I ordered some sample PLA from @3D2print but having the same trouble with it that I had with http://fabber-parts.de - the material behaves like rubber and doesn’t stick well to the heated bed. Why is faberdashery PLA so much better?
Dear European PLA users, where do you order your 1.75mm PLA? I can’t believe there aren’t any others than Faberdashery selling high quality PLA?

@Onyx_Ashanti are you still printing with your Huxley? Where do you order your PLA?

What bed are you using? My kapton layer plus nail polish remover so far has no problem with faberdashery, GRRF PLA and some no-name china stuff. At what temp are you trying? I typically extrude at 165-170 °C on a heated bed at 55-60 °C

heated bed with 60°C + painters tape. Absolutely perfect prints with 200°C Faberdashery PLA.
I tried different temperatures for the above one (170°C, 200°C, 210°C). They all end up in the above mess. The texture of the molten PLA is completely different to the Faberdashery one.
Faberdashery creates a “creamy” stream of plastic that quickly hardens.
This one more like rubber and keeps this rubber like texture while cooling. As you can see on the rim above, the borders do not stick at all and printing the bottom layer results in a mess immediately.

Interesting. Kapton + Nailpoilsh and a very low print temperature of 165°C seems to work. Thanks @Jan_Wildeboer

Try with Kapton. Or naked Aluminium. Wipe with nail polish remover. Sticks like hell over here. Make sure the bed is not too hot. 55 °C is good, higher temp typically reduces stickiness. And definitely lower temp for extrusion. 200 is far too much for all the PLA I have ever used. I start with 150 and go up by extruding manually (switch steppers off, turn the wheel) to get a sense for the force needed to extrude. Depending on the source, some PLA is happy with 155, some wants 165 but I never needed to go above 170.

I get mine from http://Faberdashery.Co.uk. very nice quality. Prints nice and the results are very smooth. I tried cheaper pla that printed crap. Good luck!

Also, I use masking tape on the bed to get my prints to stick. The amount of cleaning necessary to get my prints to stick to the aluminum, was more that I’m willing to invest. I’ve never made one complete print on the bare bed surface. I don’t have the patience.

I print pla on glass heated to 60c cleaned with white vinegar at 180c. Mostly.

I bought from http://fabber-parts.de. The glow in the dark was beautiful but I had problems with the red and black. I contacted fabber-parts and they told me that their PLA was pure and to run it at a higher temperature, 200-202 . That cured the problem, my platform is 60-62.

You are using the wrong tape. I tried that tape and it didn’t work either.

I use PVA (wood glue) with a bit water.
Leaves a very very thing layer over your bed. It won’t come off a easy…

Thin layer…

I Bought two 2.3kg spools of white PLA from reprapworld, and am really happy with the results.

I too have brought from reprapworld with no problems, on pink filament at mo, only because it’s all they had left in 2.3kg rolls but it prints very well

http://grrf.de but was not yet able to test it

I got my black PLA from http://reprapworld.com and is quite happy with it.

Comparing temperatures with others is a bit hit and miss since it really depends alot on the setup and at which speed/acceleration/settings things are printed as well as wether the temperatures are measured in real life or just set in the software.

I have not measured the real life temperatures of bed surface and nozzle on my ORD Bot Hadron so these figures are not of much use to anyone else but I set the temperatures to 230C and bed at 70C.

The bed is covered with a thin layer of 50/50 sugar and water, and was easiest to apply when bed was cold. The sugar solution is my first try at it so the same result might be possible with less sugar but so far I’ve eliminated all warping/corner lifting and still the printed object can be removed with a thin blade/spatula even without cooling the bed.

I’m ordering from http://www.imprimante3dfrance.com/ and I’m happy with their product. Good price, good quality and great results :wink:

Is there maybe a list of fillament from cheapest to most expensive suppliër?

Did you already saw this one?

I love faberdashery, but it’s $120 us per kilo - which is just a bit over the top. I’ve been picking filament up stateside - printbl is a really good source.