I ordered an Ultimaker  and I am now learning to use Blender.

I ordered an @Ultimaker and I am now learning to use Blender. I want to make a laptop stand where a few parts should be joined together.

Since I am fiddling with Blender, I modelled a piece that should snap into another piece with small bumps.

Are there standard designs to make these joints?

I think OpenSCAD has some libraries of standard objects, don’t know about this.

I found a connector on Thingiverse:

Looks pretty useful to snap parts together.

You could just put a solid piece infront and do a subtraction.then it will fit just right. I used to use maya for my modeling and switched over to blender a few months ago, I love it.

I discovered the boolean operators to subtract other solids to make holes for the connector, very nice.