I noticed that Eagle Board Import widget of tinyg and grbl workspaces handle vias

I noticed that Eagle Board Import widget of tinyg and grbl workspaces handle vias differently, check the two screen shots, apparently grbl ws traces via pads (which is what I expected) while tinyg ws traces via holes!

Good catch!

@Frank_Herrmann is that a change you made that I just picked up automatically when I switched to your code base? Sounds like users would rather have the prior behavior which is what the Grbl workspace still has.

Hmm, i’ll check this :slight_smile:

@jlauer Ok, i compared your and my version and can’t find any changes. Maybe here we have a problem with inches and mm? Please send me a brd file with an problematic via.

@Frank_Herrmann This post is 1 year old, I noticed today that via problem is still exists and now it’s in both TinyG and Grbl workspaces, I created sample eagle file to show you the problem, how can I send the file to you?
Here are some screen shots.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Could you post your Eagle BRD. Maybe I can make a quick change to the code.

@jlauer Here is a link to the file, from here I can only post photos but not other types of files.

And here is a link to the schematic in case you need it.

@jlauer I fixed this issue with via sizes, this is my test workspace: http://www.chilipeppr.com/ameen

I made the following changes to eagle board widget:

I added the following code to EagleCanvas.prototype.parseVia function right after line 6715
‘diameter’: parseFloat(via.getAttribute(‘diameter’)),

Change line 4763 to:
var radius = via.diameter/2;

Changed line 4773 to:
var line = that.drawCircle(via.x, via.y, via.diameter/2, that.colorHole);

My first tiny contribution to this awesome tool :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. That’s all it took? Nice contribution. I think you just gave us all a Christmas present.

Getting more folks to help on this killer widget to make it even more killer would be great. Now that you’ve gotten this far, want to take a stab at the Bottom side of the board feature? That seems to be what folks ask for the most.

Oh, can you do a Github pull request to the main widget and i’ll merge to publish it to the main workspaces.

I noticed a bug with my changes, vias with auto diameter don’t have diameter attribute, I’m trying to figure out how eagle calculates the diameter in this case.

I think with auto they are just 2x the size of the hole.

I figured out how auto works, do you know if Eagle board files always uses mm? for some sizes I need to add constant number in to drill size to get correct via size, if numbers are always in mm there will be no issue, otherwise I need to find a way to check which units are used mm or inch.

I believe units are always in mm from what I recall building the core of this widget 2 years ago, which is why it always generates the final Gcode in mm.

Good, I’ll make a pull request after I do some testing on my ws.
Merry Christmas to everyone :slight_smile: