I never get to push the Bukobot/Bukito or Deezmaker as often as I would

I never get to push the Bukobot/Bukito or Deezmaker as often as I would like. But it looks like Hackaday toured the 3D printer store and made a nice little writeup and video. Check it out.

Now if we can just get @Diego_Porqueras_Deez to communicate better with his Bukito backers… :wink:

Disclaimer: I am a Bukito backer - but the early bird - February Batch.

@Matt_Kraemer1 , it certainly isn’t. I’m not a part of DeezMaker and Whosawhatsis is an active part of this community when it comes to helping people, so even if he would have shared it, it would have been perfectly acceptable. This doesn’t fall foul of the rules, and don’t sit there and tell me that it does. We have no problem at all with people “advertising” for companies which are legitimate contributors to the open source 3D printing community. Whosawhatsis and subsequently Deezmaker fall into that category.

My daughter and I made about an hour drive up to their user group meeting in early Jan and I can say they’re both cool guys who’ll work with anyone that walks through their door carrying any kind of printer. I ended up helping someone tune their Printrbot, but I was surprised to see the openness to help folks without an agenda of selling them a Bukobot.

@Matt_Kraemer1 If you cannot post about a build community, in the build community… well i would not be as interested. The things that have been annoying in the past are “come to my website so i get add hits by abusing a technology i know nothing about”, or “here is my kickstarter”. But the when “here is an established community you can learn from”, or “here is a knew component i found”. Is posted, Especially by a person who stands to gain nothing from posting it (as far as i know @ThantiK is not an employee of HAD or Deezmaker), then it is a POI rather then spam.

@Camerin_hahn , hell - I’d even say we encourage Kickstarters, as long as they’re doing something cool. The Peachy Printer is a fine example. We posted that in our community like 3 different times. And at $100 for a 3D printer, it was obviously not about the money, and was about bringing something cool to the table.

@ThantiK i think it is great, if it is posted by outsiders (i would tend to believe 3rd party mentions compared to 1st party posts), even if it is a bad printer. The PSA to new people is worth the .2 seconds it takes to scroll past.

But i would agree that projects like Peachy are nice, but at the same time, “kickstart my design service”, “kickstart my print service”, or “kickstart my hobbled together printer” can get trying. but all in all you guys do a good job at pushing out spam.

The general idea is, at this point, if your account doesn’t have a first name/last name - we’re going to be very strict on it. Some exceptions exist though, for example Atmel posts some good stuff and they are the microcontroller company that powers our printers, so mostly we let their stuff stay.

Sorry to have gotten so snippy. Long day. :[

Somebody’s gotta promote Deezmaker. FSM knows I suck at self-promotion.