I needed an easier way to work with the ESP8266 because I'm using it

I needed an easier way to work with the ESP8266 because I’m using it to control my pick n place, solder paste dispenser, laser, and epoxy dispenser. So why not make a workspace to let you interact with it since it’s just a serial port device like anything else.

Nice! But we need a special SPJS Server for this?

Yes, you need the next release which is up in Github but no packaged binaries are built yet. You could use it without the new SPJS but you’d have to slowly feed your lines to the device so you don’t overflow it.

Why not using the Wifi directly from the esp instead of using the serial?

That’s the goal actually. I believe ChiliPeppr could speak directly to ESP8266 devices and control all sorts of things. CP could be bound to 10 or 20 or whatever amount of these to control everything at the same time. So, you could have your CNC controller on one websocket, your spindle controller on another, your laser TTL control, your solder paste dispenser, your vacuum suction controller, your RPM hall effect rate counter off another, etc. Of course you would use ChiliPeppr to also program each ESP8266 with the pre-configured code that knows how to chat back to CP.