I need to find another slicer for now due to a Slic3r gap fill

(André Roy) #1

I need to find another slicer for now due to a Slic3r gap fill problem in Slic3r 1.2.9 that affects the printing of thin airfoils. It’s halted my ability to develop. Is there another slicer I should be looking at for multi-extruder printing? I’m about to give Cura a proper go.

(nick durrett) #2

Have you looked at craftware

(Brook Drumm) #3

What is the specific problem? Just curious.

(André Roy) #4

In slic3r? It over extrudes during gap fill. This has a bad effect on quality of thin prints. https://github.com/alexrj/Slic3r/issues/2960

(André Roy) #5

I got Cura all setup! The only problem is I can’t specify which extruder to use for which part. Frustrating. :frowning:

(André Roy) #6

I have not tried Craftware, investigating.
[edit: I investigated, it doesn’t appear to support multiple extruders]

(Alex Nieto) #7

I know from a guy who is experimenting with multi material printing (3 color) and recently stated that Cura works fine for 2 material.

I also heard nice things about kisslicer for multi material prints, you should try it.

(Nicolas Arias) #8

Simplify3D?, maybe @Brook_Drumm ​ can get you a lic…

(André Roy) #9

Tx for the Kissslicer and Simplify3D ideas, these will be next up. I’m doing a test print with Slic3r 1.2.7 right now as I understand this problem may not be present in that version.

(Alex Nieto) #10

Have you tried slic3r 1.2.9? 1.2.7 is a beta version, maybe they have fixed that very same issues before launching a stable version.

(André Roy) #11

So 1.2.7 produces some better prints but not perfect. To print multi-material with Kissslicer I must cough up 45$, Simplify3D is 150$. I think I can make Cura work. I wish it allowed me more control over which extruder is assigned to which part.

(Nicolas Arias) #12

@Andre_Roy , ping me in private if you want, i can help you with kisslicer.

(SkilllessFlorid3r) #13

Try Mattercontrol with Matterslice, its great :slight_smile:

(Cain Blank) #14

I love kissslicer it has the best support I’ve seen and I love that you can specify a wall thickness that not just loops, it means you can make the strongest lightest parts with it

(Cain Blank) #15

As for printing multiple parts I used to use repetier to lay the parts out any then save that as an stl file to use in kissslicer

(Klaus Daume) #16

Can recommend CraftWare. It is not very well known yet but for me it works greatly.