I need to find a suitable body for this thing,

I need to find a suitable body for this thing, but not sure what to look for.
I’m thinking a Traxxas Rustler body might fit, but it’s got a cutout in the back, does it matter?

Any tips or comments on this? We all need one I guess! :wink:

Been following with interest, now time to contribute…
A few questions:
What scale and size is the car?
i.e. what is the wheelbase (distance between axles)
What width across the chassis?
Did you model the size on an existing car?

if 1/10th then maybe something for an HPI firestorm, plenty of aftermarket or original bodies for those or a body for a traxxas rustler? It’s a truggy so truggy or possibly truck bodies should fit. You might just need to “print” different shock towers or a set of body mounts to fit a truck body.

Aftermarket selections:

  • Jconcepts
  • Proline

or possibly a Kamtec body. They make a wide selection, mainly 1/12th, but they have the dimensions on the site which might make it easier to match up the size and find the right body. see http://www.kamtec.co.uk

@Jari_Worsley It´s a 1:10 scale car, the wheelbase is 278.5mm and the chassie width is 150mm… I did not model it o a existing car.

I have a Hobao Hyper TT truck. http://ofna.com/hyper10tt.php

Shell width for that is 145mm, and wheelbase is something like 265mm. Difficult to tell with truggy shells!

That’s not quite long enough for your wheelbase.

This looks a good resource:

Looks like HPI Firestorm, Traxxas Stampede or Rustler shells would be close.

If you went for a clear shell… you could spray it in a way to show off the printing underneath…

I ended up ordering a HPI Firestorm body, i hope it will fit ok!