I need some quick help with my Ox.

(Dale Maxim) #1

I need some quick help with my Ox. My original power supply ( 400 w- 48 v) quit. I have a new one but don’t know what voltage output to set it to. Could someone please let me know so I can get it running again. I’m using an M1 board if that makes a difference.

(Jack Daugherty) #2

Probably anything from 12 up to 48v. Should be silk screened on the board.

(Dale Maxim) #3

Thanks. I looked up the specs on the Board it said 12-48 volts. I guess I’ll use 40 volts.

(George Allen) #4

@Dale_Maxim Did you check to see if your old PSU had a fuse? I thought my PSU was destroyed until I simply replaced the blown fuse and it worked fine again.

(Dale Maxim) #5

@George_Allen Yes I checked it and it was o.k… I had the same thought. I’m not usually that lucky.