I need some help with travel speeds.

I need some help with travel speeds. How can I adjust the speed of G0?

$110=speed travel G0 and $111

What firmware are you using?

@cprezzi marlin

LW4 only supports MarlinKimbra (not tested yet), because old Marlin doesn’t support S values in G1 commands.

@cprezzi Do you recommend other firmware that I can use with my ramps board?

@cprezzi other than marlin

@cprezzi I also have problems with the S values ​​for the laser connected to D9 fan port and using M106 Sxxx.

I would recommend grbl-mega (see https://github.com/gnea/grbl-Mega), but I think it’s not pin compatible with RAMPS.

There is a RAMPS fork on sourceforge, but I never tested it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/grblforramps14/

You don’t realy need an Arduino Mega and RAMPS, a cheap Arduino Uno with a Prontoneer CNC-Shield would be enough.

But the easyest solution for you would probably be to try MarlinKimbra (https://github.com/MKFirmware/MK4duo)

@cprezzi ok thanks i will try MarlinKimba!

@cprezzi mk4duo actually works with laserweb but it gives me the same problems with S & F values.
I have now ordered a cnc-shield. Awaiting arrival, I will try grbl for ramps.

What exactly is your problem with the S and F values?

@cprezzi The generated gcode created by laserweb is not fully supported by mk4duo. The firmware falls back at a basic slow speed with mk4duo ignoring the F values.

That should not be the case. Are you sure you have configured LaserWeb to use mm/min? Marlin expects F values in mm/min.

That’s right, but the setting is at mm/min. That’s not the reason. Another idea?

@cprezzi and what with the S values: the generated gcode is as follows
G1 X33.44 Y9.91 S255.00 F200
Could it be that it should be as follows?
M106 S255.00
G1 X33.44 Y9.91 F200

You can set the max S value in LW4 Gcode settings. Grbl defaults to 1000, smoothieware to 1, but i don’t know what the max S value is on mk4duo. S stands for spindle, but also used for laser power.

For laser engraving, the S value needs to be in the G1 move. If it would be set with a M106, then all axes would stop on each power change. You don’t want that if you engrave something with 0.1mm pixel size.