I need some help about WS2811 power supply.

(Kevin Chen) #1

I need some help about WS2811 power supply.

As shown below, I hooked up 120 LED with a separate 5V/2.4A adapter to work with a NODEMCU ESP-12E with a 5V/500mA from my computer. This is is working fine.

However, when I removed 5V/500mA from the setup and connected NODEMCU 5V/GND to draw power from 5V/2.4A, the CPU, jump wires all got heat up and I smelled the burning…

What should I do to safely to provide NODEMCU 5V power with only one 5V/2.4A power adapter?

(Joel Byrnes) #2

Be careful you didn’t connect them in reverse, most ICs get hot and draw all the current when connected in reverse. The overheating may damage them too.

(Kevin Chen) #3

Joel, what’s the the proper way to connect when I only have a 5V/2.4A power adapter? Thanks!

(Jason Coon) #4

Which pin on the nodemcu did you connect the 5v?

(Kevin Chen) #5

@Jason_Coon I was connected the VIN pin to the 5V/2.4A adapter. This is the 5V pin, correct?

(Ken White) #6

@Kevin_Chen - Have you measured the voltage of your power supply? Is it actually 5 V?

(Jason Coon) #7

Yeah, VIN should be the correct pin for 5V. Definitely measure the output voltage of your power supply, and maybe share some pics of your connections?

(Jeremy Spencer) #8

Please provide a link to the actual MCU that you are using.

(Kevin Chen) #9

@Jeremy_Spencer https://einstronic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/NodeMCU-ESP8266-ESP-12E-Catalogue.pdf It’s NODEMCU ESP-12E.

(Kevin Chen) #10

@Ken_White Thanks! I never thought about that. Let me double check first.

(Kevin Chen) #11

Suggested by a friend, I connected the power from a power supply. Strangely, the overheat issue was gone. So, it must be the power adapter! Thanks for you all to look into this for me! What a great community! :slight_smile:

(Kevin Chen) #12

Hi All, thanks for the suggestions provided. I found the final cause of this. I connected 5V + and - reversed to cause this issue! Ha…ha…

(Kevin Chen) #13

@Joel_Byrnes You were right about the inverse connection on the adapter! Thank you!

(Syed Atif Hashmi) #14

Make common ground

(Kevin Chen) #15

@Syed_Atif_Hashmi yes, the LED and Nodemcu have common ground. Thanks!