I need help in calibrating my z-axis.

(Mike Smith) #1

I need help in calibrating my z-axis. I have already calibrated the x and y axis but the number entered in Marlin for z is not the same as it is for x and y. the default setting is 200*8/3 what formula do I use and what number do I change. I have a Prusa I2 and I am using 8mm allthread for my z axis drive.

(Mike Smith) #2

Thanks for the link. That will definitely help in my extruder calibration. Now I just need some help with the z axis. Why is it multiplied by 8 and then divided by 3?

(Mark Heywood) #3

Here is the formula:
steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev * driver_microstep) / thread_pitch
The default setting is showing a thread pitch of 3 and 8 driver microsteps. These may need changing to fit your set-up.
The microstep setting will be the jumpers under the stepper driver boards. You’ll need to get the thread pitch size from the supplier.

(Mike Smith) #4

That makes sense. I am using 1/32 microstepping and I will just have to figure out the thread pitch now. Thank you very much

(Stephanie A) #5

Its probably 1.25 and most steppers we use have 200 steps/revolution. So it would be 200 * 32 / 1.25

(Mike Smith) #6

That was really close. Mine came out to 200.328. Thank you Stephanie!

(ThantiK) #7

@Mike_Smith useful: http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/

I was at the lab tonight working on Dans printer. I should be more free next week, and I can go over more stuff with ya. :slight_smile:

(Mike Smith) #8

@ThantiK OK Great. I should have my hotend by then and everything else is done so I should be able to try my first print next week. Thanks