i need help, i am new in coding,

(Jenelle Tuting) #1

i need help, i am new in coding, i wanted to display text via bluetooth on my set of rgb led strips. i dont know how to start the user input implementation. how do you display user input text on a rgb led strip?

(Kasper Kamperman) #2

This is a pretty wide question. Can you already display text on a ledstrip (I assume multiple)? If not, that would be the first step. Otherwise what is your question. Is it related to hardware (which Bluetooth), software?

If you are new to coding, try to break your problem in steps:

  • make ledstrips do something
  • make ledstrips display text
  • send a string over Bluetooth to Arduino
  • combine the two things and hope everything will work together.
(Andrew Tuline) #3

Displaying text via bluetooth seems to be an awfully big step from this post https://plus.google.com/104210416851047644026/posts/8kUeLrVtHSz

(Mike Thornbury) #4

Hi Jenelle, to display text, firstly you need to make a matrix of LEDs - something like 6 led 24led. Like this: http://cdn.instructables.com/FWC/7FIW/GBVJBOWQ/FWC7FIWGBVJBOWQ.LARGE.jpg

Then, when you have made your matrix, you need a library that can take your text and convert it into code that will display on the matrix. Also you will need a bluetooth app on your smartphone.

I would suggest starting with making a LED matrix - then test it using your pc > arduino serial interface. when that is working, you can add bluetooth pretty easily.