I need desperate help with Marlin firmware! I have downloaded the latest release but

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #1

I need desperate help with Marlin firmware!
I have downloaded the latest release but when compiling in arduino ide i get all sorts of errors from “lcd_contrast not declared” to “delta” errors and much more.

The former firmware i downloaded worked fine some files got saved with wrong settings so I wanted a fresh firmware. But now i can’t compile it…

Anyone knows what is going on?

(John-Paul Hopman) #2

Did you transfer your configuration.h settings to the new firmware? Depending on where you downloaded it, the config file was likely setup for a different printer.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #3

@John-Paul_Hopman no. I used the config file that came with the new firmware. I also tried on different pc’s and different versions of arduino ide. All the same errors…

(Chapman Baetzel) #4

You might need a very specific version of arduino. I had to use 1.0.0 for compiling marlin on one of my printers, and 1.0.5 for the other, which uses a different controller.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #5

@Chapman_Baetzel aha! I see. I will try them all then. I’ll let you know…

(Justin Nesselrotte) #6

Open an issue on Marlin’s firmware github. What branch did you pull from btw?

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #7

I have no idea what branche i downloaded from. Just the first that popped up on the github page…

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #8

I tried all versions (arduino ide) but none of then worked.
I tried to upload my older firmware and that worked. Though that one has some other issues…

(Justin Nesselrotte) #9

So the default branch is what they use as a development branch and is not considered stable.

(Scott Lahteine) #10

@Justin_Nesselrotte The default download on the MarlinFirmware/Marlin Github page is the Release branch (version 1.0.2). The cutting-edge development version is at MarlinFirmware/MarlinDev.

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M If you started with a clean Release version 1.0.2 and carefully modified the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files with your machine’s settings (didn’t just drop in your old configuration files) and you’re still getting errors, definitely submit an issue to the Issue Queue at https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #11

Thanks for your help. I think i figured the branche thing out. I still have to download it later today and test it though.

(Scott Lahteine) #12

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M Branches are the shiz!