I need a bit of help with Inkscape.

I need a bit of help with Inkscape. I designed a layout for one of my trays but I can’t save it as a file that is compatible with laser draw. When I export the file as a png it’s all black and I can’t figure out how to save it as a bitmap file

I believe laser draw can read dxf. And inkscape can export DXF ? And also SVG…

@Cesar_Tolentino I can’t get laser draw to open the dxf or svg

Apology, a friend of mine recently bought a K40 and I know he told me he can open dxf or svg on his with laser draw…

Lets try, wmf… based on this link… it can open this file type…

PS. I dont have laserdraw… i used to have moshidraw…

Also checked and open the wmf file… and it is not black like png

Did it work?

@Cesar_Tolentino I haven’t tried it yet we had a work function to go to tonight I got it to work kinda by using paint to convert it to bitmap but the low image quality gave me a jagged cut instead of a straight line

Is the PNG all black when you import it into LaserDraw? I imagine it is saving the background as transparent, so you may want to test putting a white rectangle behind everything in the image to force it to have a white background.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I think you are right l will try that tomorrow

MoshiDraw added DXF importing about a year ago, but AFAIK, with a nano board and LaserDrw you’re stuck with bitmaps only.

@Vince_Lee yet another reason I need to upgrade

You need to save as EMF format from inkscape, and laserdrw will happily load that. this is the workflow we use at our hackspace