I make 3D scanner with LIDAR, and ARduino Nano + CNC shield.

(Josef Vladík) #1

I make 3D scanner with LIDAR, and ARduino Nano + CNC shield. more info are in description on youtube

(John Bump) #2

That’s a really impressive project!

(Markus Granberg) #3

Did you just import that pointcloud to solidworks? That’s one of the worst cad programs for handling clouds… And pro tip, sving the smalest axis (upp and down) and slowly feed left/right. This will calm the thing down

(Alison Lapoint) #4

good job I really expected the 3d market to really take of but it’s being kept behind the Sean’s if I had access to my money I would open a plastic and agoraphobia resfile repo where a would pay buy the point for scrap plastic from people open a 3d.print please where people could use 3d printers lik3 a pay print eat her with credits from the plastic garbage they bring in or cash .and make sustainable housing and flouting housing.you just can’t make small disposable packaging things it would have to be thangs like tools and big stuff that would not end up flouting in the oceans that buses and Maureen life could get.cot up 8n .that way people could make money and great and invent.while making it affordable for every one it’s really a a great invention that would. help the all people to be creative and invent things that make there life’s more in notable with out having to be rich to use and to never get to experience will cleaning up the iearth .this is what I hate about being penny less .not being to invest in great things like 3d printing just a dream

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(Taylor Landry) #6

What do you have against microstepping? Lol. Sounds like an old Cupcake

(Ronald Javas) #7

In which way