I made a small Flycutter to use on my OX,

(Edgar Robles Najar) #1

I made a small Flycutter to use on my OX, it’s made of 20mm MDF tickness but there is a issue when i start to cut, it makes some grooves on work piece.
It might be because i’m using MDF therefore it does flexions.
I’m not sure what is going on.
Any idea to fix it?

(Julius Jahn) #2

Fly cutter should be a long wide blade not just a thin pin. Looks like your spindle might also not be square

(Stephen Baird) #3

It’s biting deeper on the outer edge pretty consistently, that could be flex but I’d guess more likely the spindle isn’t quite in the same plane as the work piece.

(Edgar Robles Najar) #4

I’m going to check the spindle, hold in a chrome 3mm bar in the spindle (it’s a ER chuck) and doing a visual inspection using a square ,I hope it works.

(Edgar Robles Najar) #5

@Stephen_Baird @Julius_Jahn As you said¡ The spindle was not aligned.I’m going to do other cut and test if OX do it well.

(Dave Hylands) #6

The fly cutter for my sherline is actually just a lathe bit: http://davehylands.com/Machinist/Projects/Fly-Cutting-Clamps/Small/05-In-Use.html

(Kelly Burns) #7

I thought the “Fly Cutters” require less speed and more torque? What is your spindle?

(Edgar Robles Najar) #8

@Kelly_Burns My OX is using a outrunner 5550 Brushless motor with ER11A chuck at 2000-6000 RPM ~1000-1200 watts (i don’t have enough power to bring to the spindle just a 400w power supply) i don’t know about you say first.

The spindle.

(Kelly Burns) #9

Thanks for the info, I’m going to try a smaller fly cutter and see how it goes. Of course, I think I’ll wait until I can get some type of guard around the spindle. Those this scare the heck out of me.