I made a new breakout for the RA-02 LoRa module, that will be easier to use than the existing one

Hi everyone,
I would like to share a recent project with you because it might be useful to somebody out there.
Some of you may already have used the RA-02 or even RA-01H LoRa breakout boards in some projects. Those who did may also know that the breakout module has a few hidden secrets that need careful attention before the module would work reliably… (things like connecting ALL the ground pins, and using a level converter if you are using a 5v microcontroller… ) The existing module is also not breadboarding compatible…

So, To cut a long story short, I decided to do something about this, at first for my own use, and now that it is working well, I would like to give it to the community…

Anyone that is interested, is welcome to contact me for the free Gerber files for the project, or a link where you can have the module manufactured for a small fee if building electronics is not your thing :slight_smile:

The module has been tested with Arduino, Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32 and ESP8266, and should, depending on the libraries used, also work with STM32 microcontrollers…


Nice project, I have never yet had the need for LoRa but will keep this in mind.


Thank you,@donkjr … If you would like schematics or Gerbers, just let me know :slight_smile:

The full write-up for this article is available at the link below.

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