I made a mistake! The file:

(Louise Driggers) #1

I made a mistake! The file: V3snolabs_penguin.stl has a mistake and his tail won’t articulate😢 This has been corrected, so please use V4snolabs_penguin.stl which works. The 80mm penguin is fine and tail enabled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sorry to use the community to make an announcement like this but I want to make sure the word gets out asap. Mods: I can take the post down if you would like me to.


(John Bump) #2

I think it’s a totally cool print, personally.

(Louise Driggers) #3

@John_Bump Thank you! He will still be a working toy, just no tail moving. Fortunately, I think most people are printing the little one first, so hopefully it’s got caught in plenty of time.

(Louise Driggers) #4

@Alex_Skoruppa Oh wow:-( I’m so sorry.
I hope you don’t feel you have wasted too much filament.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #5

I started the regular v3 one a bit before I saw the post but I need to change retraction settings anyway and planned to make more. The tail works nicely as a kickstand on the smaller one.

(Louise Driggers) #6

@Alex_Skoruppa Print in place models call for some tough decisions for a designer when releasing them to the public: Do you make joints very “floppy” and completely avoid the risk of them sticking (except for very badly configured printers) but remove some of the model’s character, or do you go for a tight fit and ability to pose but risk joint welding? I hope I’ve gone for a happy medium.

You could actually glue your penguin back together, he’d be a static model but could still decorate your desk.

(Louise Driggers) #7

@Jeff_DeMaagd SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE! :slight_smile:

(Louise Driggers) #8

@Jeff_DeMaagd The tail was designed to be just that. If I were to design this chap as a multi piece model, then his legs centered and not be flat at the back, thus avoiding the need for a balancing tail.

However, he is print in place and unless I wanted him to look like a giraffe, this legs need to go at the front and he has to be sitting down to print, so the back must be flat. He therefore needs to have something to help stability and a tail acts as a good 3rd leg for a tripod :slight_smile:

(Eric Lien) #9

I added lillypads to the arms on mine. They peal right off after printing… But save on the chance of knocking them over during printing if you get a bit of curl and not enough z-hop.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

Ha v3’s tail actually works! I think it has to do with how S3D does overlapping mesh bodies. It often goes poorly but it saved this model.

My plastic is clearly a bit “damp” so I’m going to dry it overnight and try again tomorrow with dryer plastic and adjusted retraction for a nicer finish.

(Louise Driggers) #11

@Jeff_DeMaagd Well that is good news! Look forward to seeing future penguins from you

(Louise Driggers) #12

@Eclsnowman I tested his wings quite a bit because in earlier iterations they were thinner at the tips and I had similar issues. These have a wide enough base that they should be okay, although the lilypads are a neat idea.

(Eric Lien) #13

@Louise_Driggers Yeah, they should hold… I just hate to lose a print. Plus I was printing these pretty fast on my Delta, so I always go the safe-vs-sorry approach.