I made a LED dress using FastLED.

(Owen x) #1

I made a LED dress using FastLED. Take a look!

(Andrew Tuline) #2

Awesome looking dress. Great job indeed.

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

Dang!! Absolutely fantastic!

(Mark Kriegsman) #4

Any lessons learned to share from this?

(Owen x) #5

From the FastLED side, not many! It was smooth sailing. I love this library. The SPI was taken up with the XBee module so I used software SPI, it just worked. Fast as hell on an 8MHz chip.

LED-related - when using strings of LED modules (there were 98 on the dress) the voltage drops like hell as the wire is pretty thin (it’s about 24AWG I think). I had to splice the 12V/GND supply in about 7 or 8 places to minimize the drop. When you put it on full white you can tell where the voltage is dropping as it gets redder (red LEDs have the lowest forward voltage so they turn off last).

Also I wish I’d used diffusers - once I’d seen it on proper cameras I realised that the really tiny pinpricks of light from the LEDs would saturate the image in one small spot. It looks more like it’s supposed to from a distance where dust and crap in the air gives it an “aura”, but up close I think I could have made more efficient use of the power by diffusing.

(Daniel Garcia) #6

Very nice! Thanks for sharing it! (Also, love how much the dress got called out by the judges as well as her performance, but i’m biased :slight_smile:

(Robert Atkins) #7

Fantastic! I would have been bricking it with a piece like that being filmed.

… wait, were those 3x5050 RGB LED/module strings?!

(Owen x) #8

@Robert_Atkins 6xRGB 5050 and a WS2801 on each module. AliExpress’ finest!

They are about $1.20 per module. Much cheapness. They are pretty inconsistent colour-wise but that didn’t really matter for this application…

(Robert Atkins) #9

Ye gods, were you running them at full bore? That would be bright!

(Robert Atkins) #10

Also yeah, diffusion is key. Better diffusion material means a much better effect for fewer LEDs.