I’m sure it’s me... but...

I’m sure it’s me… but…

When I send a job to chilipeppr (Mac OS X, safari) and run the simulation, it runs reeeeeaaaallly slowly. When I send the job to the TinyG, the 3D display runs at normal speed.

Straight lines work fine at the predefined speed, but curves and complex shapes slow right down.

The chilipeppr logo works fine.

It does this regardless of whether I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the ‘previous files’ or whether I have just loaded it, whether it’s a 500 line job or an 8000 line.

Should the simulator replicate real-world cutting speeds?

The simulator follows each line based on the same timer, so really small lines still only animate at say 100ms or 1s, so it’s not the best simulator. What’s better is to run an airjob as your real simulation. Or, if anybody is up for modifying the simulator code, that would be a cool improvement.

That’s exactly what I’m seeing - wasn’t the best vector that I used as the source and it had thousands of straight lines instead of nice curves.

I created my own and it was much better. Thanks John.

@jlauer on an unrelated subject… I wanted to look at a 2-axis version of chilipeppr for diode lasers, with laser on, off, 2-axis homing, etc. is that something I can do with a new fiddle, or are the buttons more intrinsic to the base code?

I know nothing about how it’s built, but I see you have some training materials and I’m prepared to have a go :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re just doing an XY version of a laser CNC machine, you could probably just use ChiliPeppr as it is today with no changes. What turns your laser on? Spindle on/off command?