I’m setting up Ardupilot and mavproxy on my beaglebone black.

(Christopher Smith) #1

I’m setting up Ardupilot and mavproxy on my beaglebone black. I just started trying to get it working with flightgear. I enjoy the beaglebone as hacking platform.

(Curt Olson) #2

I don’t know much about the ardupilot interface side of the equation, but I can try to help with the FlightGear interfacing side if you have any questions. I use FlightGear all the time to test fly changes for two other beaglebone-based autopilot systems I’m involved with.

(Curt Olson) #3

Here’s a dumb little video that shows some of the things I like to do when testing out my own beaglebone-based flight controller (AuraUAS) on the bench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_jqzGt2Kzw

(Christopher Smith) #4

@clolsonus nice video. Ive done some simple exporting of the state variables over the generic UDP connection but not tried anything fancy. This’ll be what I’m up to the next few nights.
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(Curt Olson) #5

@Christopher_Smith1 Sounds good. Because you are running ardupilot as the core flight controller, definitely follow their recipes for getting it all to talk with FlightGear and probably ignore anything I have to say. I setup the architecture a bit differently when I do my work. Usually I cut JSBSim out of the picture because FlightGear already includes JSBSim. The one thing I give up is the ability to run faster than real time, but usually I don’t need that. And I’m talking to my own flight controller software (not audu* or px4) so that part is also different in my world. So I’m probably not being any help at all by replying to your post… sorry about that! But my system does run on beaglebone (and pocket beagle.) :slight_smile:

(Curt Olson) #6

Just a follow up thought … whatever software you use, getting it to run on your desk with FlightGear is a really powerful tool because you can work through so many issues and test so many things quickly. When something doesn’t work in the field (or didn’t work as expected) it can be really difficult to diagnose and debug out there. Usually I throw everything back in my car and go home and waste half the day. But the flip side is after testing your system or your new feature or idea in simulation, it’s really cool to go out and see it work perfectly on the first try in the field.

(Christopher Smith) #7

I value your input. You’ve been in the game longer than most in the forums I think. I’ll be using JSBsim within flightgear as well. First baby steps will be following the wiki to connect flightgear and ardupilot on the beaglebone. Once I can do that and it flies a pattern I can start working on migrating to a copter Model.