I’m afraid I know the answer to this question but I wanted to ask

(Kenny Bond) #1

I’m afraid I know the answer to this question but I wanted to ask the experts. I recently got a Micromill 2000 with servo motors. The control board is shot. I’m also have a TinyG board and have used chilipeppr with a previous build. Is it possible to control the Servo motors with TinyG and chilipeppr ? If not am thinking of replacing the servos with Nema 23 steppers. It’s already a money pit.


Do the servo motors take step/dir signals? Many do, so likely you can.

(carl j mcgrath) #3

tinyG has no connectivity for the ‘traditional’ servo feedback path(called encoder, I believe) and no logic to match the detected position with the desired position. But I have seen advs for product that claim to perform the ‘servo’ function self contained and have just A pair and B pair interface , just like steppers.
As John mentions, there may be external drivers that integrate servo functionality and can be interfaced step-dir-enable.
If servo capability is not essential, NEMA23s might be the lowest cost solution.

(Kenny Bond) #4

@cmcgrath5035 Thanks for the replies. My servos are traditional servos as well as the driver boards. Servos are not necessary just what came on the machine. I have only worked with steppers.

(Kenny Bond) #5

I bough some stepper and will sell the servos. I’m familiar with TinyG and chiliPeppr so I’m going that direction.