I love open hardware initiatives like Open Builds and Inventables.

(Dat Chu) #1

I love open hardware initiatives like Open Builds and Inventables. I was able to get the plate design and add nema 17 compatibility from inventables into the ox plates. Then I trim the plate to fit a smaller extrusion.

Now I am working on adding tinyg mounting support for the back plate of my y axis. Without these open plans, it would have taken me more time to get to where I am. Thank you everyone in these great communities.


That looks sweet. Did you laser cut that acrylic on your own? Will it be rigid enough for you?

(Dat Chu) #3

Yes I did laser cut these acrylics on my own. Having access to a 100w laser cutter sure is useful for prototyping. So far the plates feel very solid. I haven’t put on the z axis yet so I don’t know.

(Mat Helm) #4

If nothing else, it looks cool… How wide is that gantry?

(Dat Chu) #5

The plate is ox plate from http://www.openbuilds.com/builds/openbuilds-ox-cnc-machine.341/, the gantry is 1m wide.

(Dat Chu) #6

This is for laser and light movement. Not much rigidity at all. There is barely any contact with the material.

(Glenn West) #7

are u going to opensource the tinyg mount. I need to deaign that

(Dat Chu) #8

Yes, I am working on it right now. It will be available either via OpenBuild or Thingiverse.

(Mat Helm) #9

@Dat_Chu btw, where did you purchase the acrylic?

(Jamie Wilburn) #10

I’m curious about the laser you are going to use. A laser cutter is very high on my list of wants. I’ve been trying to find a fiber laser supplier, but I think I’m going to have to go with C02. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. What kind of laser are you going with for your build?

(Bruce Lunde) #11

That looks like excellent work, it must be nice to have access to the laser cutter.

(Dat Chu) #12

@Mat_Helm got it locally at a store called Regal plastic. $1 a lbs of scrap. @Jamie_Wilburn , I am going with 9mm 445nm diode. Very low power comparing to co2. @Bruce_Lunde thank you. The maker space I joined does help me a lot to get things moving. I think makerspaces are wonderful.

(Dat Chu) #13

Foam, engraving on wood, maybe pcb

(Grant Macaulay) #14

I like that, looks interesting. I am designing a portable laser cutter at the moment. Looking at 5watts.

(Dat Chu) #15

5W? What laser are you using?

(Grant Macaulay) #16

Looking to use a c mount possibly