I love it when parts start rolling in!

I love it when parts start rolling in!

Welcome to the club @Kevin_Conner ​. Glad to see another Eustathios preparing to take shape. There are so many knowledgeable makers here in our group. Please ask as many questions as you need throughout the build. The more build posts we get in the group feed the more information is available for others as they start their builds.

Thanks. This will be my second scratch build. I’m really excited to make a gantry printer.

Any reason not to roll the ball screw mod into the primary BOM? Ball screws are $35 on Amazon prime and acme thread/nut came to ~$70

I want to, just need time to edit it. To be honest, I want to get Golmart to create a PN# for us with the proper end machining dimensions. If anyone wants to tackle that for me I would appreciate it. Otherwise I will get to it as time allows.

I can contact them and see if they’ll add it. It’s 12mm diameter ballnut (1204), 425mm long with a 46mm long, 8mm diameter machined end with the top of the nut pointing away from the shaft, right? No machining on the top and none of the keyway stuff?

here’s a diagram: https://goo.gl/photos/AFfsLqxi72UCu7q57

@Walter_Hsiao thank you so much. I think if we could line this up it would be much easier for new makers to source the parts. Plus with the quality of the parts I see you post out on thingiverse… I need this upgrade too. Your quality is perfect on everything I see that you print. I must admit I have maker envy.

I picked up these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SY8EDUI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01
$35 each.
being about 1" short I’ll probably need to make modifications to the lead screw supports eh?

@Eclsnowman That’s because you don’t see the other side of the prints :slight_smile: Using a light box and transparent filaments helps too. I’m not sure the ballscrews help with print quality, but they’re probably faster and I do like them. Yeah, being able to just order the part without worrying about the machining details and ballnut orientation should make it easier. Hopefully no one else will have to learn how to pack a ballscrew.

@Kevin_Conner Just wondering, how are you planning to mount the pulleys on the lead screws?

I haven’t discovered that yet. I’ve got a lathe so I may have to make modifications. I also may decide that I got the wrong ones and now there is a better alternative available after this discussion!