I know this is more of a question for the software vendor but thought

I know this is more of a question for the software vendor but thought I would post it here as well to see if anyone has had similar issues.
We just got our first build (Open Build’s c-beam plate maker) completed and it seems to be working almost perfectly. We cut the ‘hello world’ test file (this was a .cnc sketchucam file) with Chilipeppr and it worked great. After that, we designed several letters in Vcarve Desktop. We tried cutting out one of the letters and the g-code did not seem to translate correctly to the arduino. We have the arduino set up with the Gshield. I selected the generic gcode post processor (inches) in Vcarve. The material we are cutting through is .25" thick. We set it up for two passes with each pass cutting .125". The first pass on the inside of the “R” that we were trying to cut worked fine but the second pass just mirrored the first pass without lowering the Z axis to cut the second .125". After that, it moved to the next part of the tool path and the Z axis actually raised up about 1" and just traced around where it should be cutting for the first pass and then lowered for the second pass and cut the first '125". Do I need to use a different post processor or is it not a post processor issue? Thanks in advance for any input!

Whoah, that was a lot. It could help to post a screen shot as well as the gcode file. The first thought is did the gcode file get generated correctly? Does the 3D viewer show 2 passes? What about your motor power settings on the Z axis?

I will try to post the gcode shortly. The Vcarve preview showed the toolpaths cutting correctly with 2 passes and the second pass cutting through the material. The last post processor file I saved was a .tap file. I tried 3-4 different post processors. As far as the power settings for the motors, I followed the recommendations from the build instructions for the machine.

Here is the link for the gcode file.

The post for v-carve for GRBL can be found here - it works like a charm for me - even in the old old version I own. I use the ShapeOKO one…


thanks! I will give that one a try and see how it works.