I know that we're all just about sick of Kickstarter campaigns, etc.,

I know that we’re all just about sick of Kickstarter campaigns, etc., but I found this indiegogo campaign for a 3D Scanner. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to build my own, but I always fall into the trap of spending all of my time building my tools rather than using them for something I really want to do… So, I took a leap and supported this campaign. The product looks slick and well put together.

Do we know anything about the company? I’d love an affordable 3d scanner, this could be just the thing

@Jason_Scott I funded at the $350 level, based on the video / bios, etc. It looks like a polished product, which is in contrast to other solutions, which seem more like they are designed to appeal to makers.

I really just want an appliance that I can pull off the shelf, use, and put away and $350 seems like a reasonable price point to get that.

Looks really intriguing… the other one on kickstarter has better specs, but was also more expensive: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20130213-low-cost-full-colour-desktop-3d-scanner-on-kickstarter.html

Damn, I think I need to buy this Canadian machine… @Drew_Cox what do you think? :wink:

Well, it’s above my stupid purchase threshold but not THAT far above. And I did just buy a 3d printer… What the hell, it’s only money.

Hahaha, @Jason_Scott that’s an exact copy of my brain 10 minutes ago shortly before I became backer Nr. 14 :smiley: Ok, I have my @Ultimaker for a bit longer now :wink:

I backed the Deltamaker on Kickstarter, hopefully that shows up some time this year.

That’s a good choice in my opinion. I hope they switch to injection molded parts to get it done speedy and ensure good quality for you.

They said they plan on it. They better! printed parts work, but meh

I went with the delta because it’s different. I haven’t seen one in the delta config before. If I can support innovation and get something I want out of it, awesome!

Took me 5 minutes to jump on this one ! Being Canadian myself erased any doubt that they can do it. Sourcing parts for a DIY scanner is almost as much… Funder #32

@Jason_Scott - it’s going to be fine :slight_smile: Deltas are nice - I’m currently testing the Delta Tower (http://deltatower.ch). See a photo here: https://plus.google.com/116416453568555193309/posts/UibWTfA8CK2

+1 @William_Frick for the self sourcing comment. So true.

@Florian_Horsch_flouS Awesome! I’ve never had the opportunity to mess with or even see a 3d printer in action. I can’t wait to get the deltamaker.

The husband and I bit on this scanner for our nerd cave a couple days ago, and as tight as we are with a dollar, that really says something.

Project is now @50% funding in less than 48 hours ! All early backer units sold out. Glad I got in early.

@William_Frick me too! I was lucky enough to get in on the Deltamaker at the $799 pricepoint too. $1150 for a 3d printer and scanner, it’s good to be me!

Got the scanner! Holding out for a Makerbot 2x, what do you think?

I have a 2X on order. I was also #84(or so) on the early backers list for this scanner. I’ve been looking and most are $$$$ more or look like someone made them in their garage…this one will rock and match the 2X nicely on my desk at work…

@Charlotte_Pierce depending on what you’re planning to do you might consider the @Ultimaker as well.


Depends on if she needs a heated build plate and an enclosed cabinet. The 2X offers both. Which are essential for good ABS parts (and several guys are using a ‘warm’ HBP for PLA printing…IDK…haven’t tried that).

Depends on if she needs a business printer that people like LockMart and Siemens expect to see. They will take one look at any of the Rep-Rap steel rod or Ultimaker wooden printers and NOT be impressed. That’s more of a requirement for me than her…but from an asthetic POV it can be important.

Depends on when she needs it…last time I checked their site Ultimaker was 3 weeks out and it has to ship to another continent.

Depends on warranty. Ultimaker has (I think) a 14 day warranty (IF you buy the assembled unit). You can get a MakerCare warranty on your 2X.

Finally…really depends on her technical skill for assembly for the Ultimaker to be a LOT cheaper than a 2X. Assembled they’re close to a Replicator 1 dual. A lot of artistic people don’t know which end of a screwdriver to use (and some are able to wire a home Cray computer)…but that’s the biggest thing if you are looking for a home printer. Can you put the effing thing together?

Not only that…but if she’s only going to use it for home projects or school projects and is NOT a techie…she’d be better served with the Cube. As long as you stay in 3D’s sand box you can print pretty much anything. Filament is in cartridges (think ink jet). Comes with a long warranty and very good service…just saying.