I know I've mentioned this to Riley Porter   in the past,

(Joe Duva) #1

I know I’ve mentioned this to @Riley_Porter_ril3y in the past, but I’m going to post it here, too (you’re welcome, Riley).

I can’t wait for dynamic PWM output as a function of current velocity!

(carl j mcgrath) #2

This feature request is already logged here: https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/issues/130
Review and see if your needs and ideas are covered

(Joe Duva) #3

Indeed it does - thanks, Carl!

This would give me even more reason to finish off the 6W laser cutter project!

(Phil Aldrich) #4

I’m just getting into laser work and finding out that the TinyG doesn’t handle this well. Any idea when this feature will be ready (or if you need any beta testers)?

(Phil Aldrich) #5

Agree - the Smoothieboard is a nice piece of hardware but it seems it is not readily available (out of stock for 3/4 axis boards). What I really need is the ability to laser raster engrave and from what I can tell, that’s not available on the Smoothie yet. I did see where it is being worked on.