I know a few of you have projects on this list. 

I know a few of you have projects on this list.

The only KS I backed is on there, the Printxel.
What a great way to start backin’ projects :slight_smile:

One new printer electronics is available at Indiegogo

Thank you, Dirk. I’ll add that to my watch list!


Nice board there @Dirk_Eichel .

The list would be even more interesting if there was a column to note if the printers have begun shipping, and another to note if the Kickstarter rewards were fulfilled.

@ ian , like a sorting list of who is a serious kickstarter and what not? mmm good suggestion !

just an observation … what is with sumpods and the so many variations hahaha … i bet R5 and R6 are nearby …

Some people seem to be using Kickstarter/Indiegogo as shopping cart systems. That’s not the way I would personally choose to do business but maybe it helps them control their backlog of work to parcel it out like that.

It would be nice if crowdfunding sites had some soft of customer satisfaction survey per project and posted the results, even if it were simplified into something like a pie graph. That might help in separating the genuine entrepreneurs seeking to provide a good product from the dreamers who jump in over their heads when they already kinda know they can’t swim. I think most of those get sussed out rather quickly, though. cough Japica.

yea, like kinda amazon review