I just wanted to take a quick survey of the group:

I just wanted to take a quick survey of the group: what plastic are you using to print your parts? PLA? ABS? Other?

PLA and PETG mainly like a lot of people around here I guess.

I’ve had really good results with PETg for most part. It has held up well even in the enclosure of the Herculien. For my corner brackets I use CF-filled PETg for the added stiffness. In the future I may end up using a CF-filled nylon for some added heat resistance.

In reality, it all depends on what printing capabilities you have at your disposal

PETG pretty much exclusively.

I have not printed with PETG before. What settings do you normally run? I have an E3D v6 hotend, 0.4mm nozzle, heated PEI bed.

@Shane_Graber 70C bed, 240-260C hotend (depending on filament and speed) and 0.2mm layers (typically). 40-60mm/s is a good range to aim for but you can easily crank it up to 80mm/s once you get it dialed in.

A note, you really need to dial in your extrusion to get good results with PETg. I normally do the single wall test to set my extrusion multiplier and aim for a very slight underextrusion. Keep infill moderately high (around 30%) for the best results.

I made all my parts a long time ago so used to ABS. But PETG should hold up great. The only thing I really like about ABS is that I can acetone soften the plastic bushing holes on the hotend carriage and side rail carriages before I pushed in the bushings so it both glues them in and make sure that I don’t crack the part pressing in the bushing.

@Zane_Baird ​ is a whiz at PETG, so I you can’t really go wrong using his settings :slight_smile:

A note on @Eclsnowman advice on bushing inserts. With petg there is enough tensile strength that I’ve only ever cracked a part once when I basically pounded the bushing in. And it has hold equal to (sometimes better) than ABS/acetone insertion. PETG isn’t as forgiving when you aren’t printed on a well calibrated machine though

While I’m thinking about it: is anyone bringing their machine to the Midwest Reprap Festival coming up?

@Shane_Graber If I have room in my car I will have the following at MRRF: HercuLien, Eustathios, Talos3D Tria Delta, Talos3D Spartan Cartesian, … And maybe something new if things go well :slight_smile:

I’ll have my Herculien and my Talos3D Tria as well.

@Eclsnowman if all goes well there will be a couple other eusts at MRRF also. But you have piqued my interest on something new

@Ryan_Jennings let’s just say I have been having fun recently :slight_smile:

Nylon, abs, petg and tpe

Roughly how many kg of filament are required? I’m placing an order for PETG. :slight_smile:

Depending on your perimeter and infill% you could get away with 1 roll. But if it were me I would get 2 rolls and go 3+ perimeters on all components under stress and 20%+ infill.

I used 3 rolls running at 3 shells and %50 infil

Thank you Shane just actually getting started So you have a nice day K

@Eclsnowman @Eclsnowman Sound sound I vote sure super very well peace .