I just wanted to say that I LOVE my ! This thing has changed

I just wanted to say that I LOVE my #e3dVolcano! This thing has changed my printing life… Now my only problem is being able to afford all of the filament I’m going through! ;-D

any video of it in action

@jinx_OI ​, uploading now.

super stuff

unaffordable filament volcano, it must be so big, you wanna print it in your backyard?

@Alex_Cam , as quickly as it prints with a 0.8 mm nozzle I’m almost frightened to see how fast it prints with a 1.2 mm nozzle!

Here’s a quick video… http://youtu.be/95tD6b1L7dQ

at 1.2 mm nozzle 20% infill get a house brick in a couple of hours!!

am with paolo building a filastruder would be the next step, althou can the filastruder produce PLA?

that’s so quick! no filament adhesions?

Filament adhesion is just fine. The parts are MUCH stronger due to fewer layer and thicker extrusion widths.

And the printing process would be more stable.

@Alex_Cam ​, I find that some things are not so nice. I don’t care about the resolution of the print so much but support material and infill do not scale well. The grid pattern that Cura generates doesn’t work too well and the support material is thick and tough to remove… Once i get my other hotend cleaned up I’ll be trying dual extrusion for these reasons. :slight_smile:

that’s true, peeling off the support material is a handcraft work. I’ll show you a flower vase i made recently. That’s the most complicated support structure I’ve ever seen.