I just upgraded my grbl to v0.9i and somehow the 3D Viewer doesn't seem

I just upgraded my grbl to v0.9i and somehow the 3D Viewer doesn’t seem to work anymore. I can still preview the paths, but the pointer does not move with my cnc and I can’t change the settings of the 3D viewer. Is there a fix for that?

Is it inch vs mm? Screenshots always help

it is in mm. It’s pretty weird. The bug appeared several times on my mac and my computer, but from time to time, it works as usual.
Here’s a Screenshot:

Hi, that’s exactly what’s happening to me – The 3D viewer and Simulator have moved from the centre section to the upper left hand side of the work area plus the dimensions have disappeared and the simulation no longer works - the application has a mind of its own – not stable – used to be very good but now impossible to use. I logged this fault some days ago but no one can offer any advice on how to fix it.
Pity, it was a good app, now unusable.

Have to go back to UGS.

If that control panel is on the side a JavaScript error occurred on load. What does your JavaScript console say

Hi, thanks for your reply. I don’t think I have a JavaScript console – I don’t see any errors reported to the screen. I’ve included a screen shot of how it looks when its wrong. Any help getting it sorted would be much appreciated.
PS. Screen shot posted under my name. Couldn’t see how to add it here.

@John_Hornsby-Hunt ​ try hitting F12, then look for a tab named sth. like Console.

First picture is the console when the error occurs, and in the second picture is the console when it’s working correctly. Very interesting: I could fix the problem by switching to Incognito mode. So I cleared my cache and now it’s working again. I’ll try to find out under what circumstances the error reoccurs.