I just started using ChiliPeppr on my X-Carve CNC.

I just started using ChiliPeppr on my X-Carve CNC. So far I really like it. Today I wanted to mill out a PCB board. I already have the gcode file that I made with FlatCAM and when I import it into ChiliPeppr GRBL the preview looks perfect. I then went to do the auto leveling and it does not work. I have my PCB attached to GND and my bit attached to A5 on my Arduino. It runs the first probe fine and then stops.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this??

What controller are you running?

Arduino Uno with a gSheild running GRBL.

Yeah look at some of the earlier posts from the weekend. There is a fix in a new workspace


Thank you very much Ian that worked.

I love that the community fixed the bug so quickly. You guys are so amazing!

Trying it for myself, I can only get this to work with the Chilipeppr logo, not with an eagle board import. EDIT: I just fixed it by removing the import after setting up the autolevel.

I used a program called FlatCAM. You have to export the gerber files from Eagle then use flatCAM to generate the Gcode. It is a very nice program and has many nice features.

@Franz_Froehlich That’s a great approach, I had been thinking about how people who don’t use eagle can mill their boards in Chilipeppr. The problem is if someone wants to do the more complex things like dispensing or pick n placing, we rely on a lot of the native eagle data for things like coordinates, rotation values, etc. But I guess we can feed that in externally. Will save this line of thought for separate topic in different thread. Glad everything is working.

@Franz_Froehlich why u dont use the eagle import widget instead of flatcam?

@Frank_Herrmann It seems like I have more control in FlatCAM over the built in widget in Chilipeppr. There is also more futures that FlatCAM offers, but I also have not messed around with the widget that much.