I just spent 1:13:55 watching the 2014 hangout when John Lauer and Todd Flaming

I just spent 1:13:55 watching the 2014 hangout when @jlauer and Todd Flaming did a walkthrough of Jscut and Chillipeppr integration. Whats funny is that John ask about how to get everything in the positive Y but that explanation never came. Todd did explain to add a bigger positive number to the Y offset but it just not working for me.

John im sure you have the answer by now, please share

Nevermind my mistake. Had to generate the path again, thought I did. Exelent work. 1 hour very well spent

+Peter van der Walt​​ jscut needs a Fix 0,0 urgently :slight_smile:

I don’t recall any of that. I have found decent success with JSCut, but I have also found that sometimes it generates inordinately large Gcode files for me. I have been using the SVG Import inside ChiliPeppr lately. It does depend on what your needs are as JScut is pretty full-featured.

@jlauer ​​ direct svg on Chilli only seems available on tinyG, nevertheless what are you using it for? Am able to import but don’t see a way to add depth

I’m using it for laser cutting paths, so I don’t need much modification to the path. If you switch to “Mill” in the Gcode tab you will get a Depth of Cut field. You could generate the Gcode in the TinyG workspace and then just switch over to the grbl workspace and it should just auto-load cuz it was the last file.

@jlauer ​ got it thanks man