I just set my K40 up and am doing some test cuts.

I just set my K40 up and am doing some test cuts. Everything comes out half as big as I draw it. 1 inch squares are 0.5", 2" squares are 1". Is there a setting I’m missing?

Thanks in advance…

Look into setting the Board Model & Board ID in the settings for Corel Laser or LaserDRW. When they’re incorrect (which is default) strange things can happen.

My settings match the pcb silk screen for the model and ID setting matches the sticker. Will it run if a different model is selected? I can try running through the different models…

Model number for me is 6c6879-laser-m2, FW is 2016.01.01 if that helps at all.

@Kelly_Queener Next thing I can think is this:


You can set the steps per mm for alpha and beta in your config file. I would just adjust that up by a factor of 2.

@George_Fetters I think Kelly is running stock setup. I don’t recall a steps per mm in the stock software options.