I just saw Brandon Satterfield has a new 150W laser cutter he’s about to

I just saw Brandon Satterfield has a new 150W laser cutter he’s about to put on the market. That would be quite a useful addition!

Do you have a link to a video?

I don’t think he’s posted a video yet, but I’ll tell him to send one; if he hasn’t already made one.

I am still trying to get my gcode for lasers functional.

@Colin_Kaminski You haven’t happened to test or know what level of runout you have on your spindle do you? I’m planning on checking mine when I get my machine built. Do you know how to calculate the tolerance?

Mount a dial indicator perpendicular to the spindle while it is holding a piece of ground bar the size of your collet. Slowly rotate the bar and see if the needle moves. I am much better than .001” but I would need a better dial to measure better than that. If you need ground steel McMasterCarr sells it. I use O2 grade steel for other things and it has worked well for that measurement.

@Colin_Kaminski thanks

@Colin_Kaminski Would you be at all interested in cutting plates for a pulley/timing belt assembly, and do you think your machine would be able to cut those accurately? If you are interested, let me know and I’ll tell you more about what I need, you can look at it and tell me how much you would charge. Let me know, if you are unsure about what I need (I may not have explained it correctly). It’s basically an assembly many people use to hide their z-axis motor or for a gear/speed reduction assembly. In my case the main reason I need it is because I don’t want to drill a hole through my gantry support and I don’t have enough room for the whole motor along the axis. I’ve actually begun cutting an assembly myself, but one cut on a CNC would be more accurate. Don’t feel obligated, I just know you have an R7 and might be able to mill out a design I can come up with. You may be able to advise me on the design as well. It would have to be designed on Fusion, if you can use that software. Anyway, give me a heads up.

If you share the Fusion .f3d file with me I can take a look.

Okay. I’ll work on it.