I just received my Replicape and was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for

I just received my Replicape and was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for wiring dual Z motors for my D-Bot CoreXY.

One on z the other on h in slave mode?

There is a section about that in the wiki: http://wiki.thing-printer.com/index.php?title=Redeem#Slave_mode

Oh sorry, just realized you wanted two steppers on one driver? That is possible too, both in series and in parallel.

Ok, so I have the option to drive the motors from two separate drivers (slave mode) or wiring the two motors to the same driver (serial or parallel). What are the Pros/Cons for each?

Same driver means you have less configuration to do. Slave means you can get more torque (full amperage for both motors)

I have tried two Arduino/RAMPS setups for my D-Bot in which the Z axis was driven by the same DRV8825 driver. The Z axis ran smoothly in this configuration but I never tried it with the additional weight of a print. I think the idea of having full torque available (slave mode) is a good idea and keep me from re wiring things for the time being.

Yep. Sorry my answers are short - left hand is sown and bandaged up after a mishap with a knife and a squash.

Completely understandable. I’ve jabbed myself with a knife a few times cleaning up a print or when building my D-Bot.

The “right” way to do it is separate drivers. After that, I would recommend serial wiring if you have a 24v PSU and the motors are identical. This is equivalent to driving each with 12v and they both get full current. If you have a 12v PSU, series wiring can seriously cut your top Z speed, and parallel is probably better. Downside to parallel wiring is that each motor gets half the current and torque. But it doesn’t limit your speed as much.

Thanks Ryan. I’m going to wire the Z axis two separate drivers to start with. If I have a need for dual extruders/hot ends down the road then I will need to try something else.