I just received my fedex notification that my bondtech item will arrive on Friday

I just received my fedex notification that my bondtech item will arrive on Friday ! So excited :slight_smile: To bad it’s only going to go to the future build parts bin. :frowning:


I got my parts and everything looks great. Just a side note but one of the drive gears didn’t have a set screw in it so check that when you get your stuff. I think Martin is traveling to the US so I’m just waiting to hear back from him on that. @Eclsnowman will be hanging out with him soon, maybe I can get my question answered by proxy. :slight_smile:

@Daniel_Salinas one of them idles on a shaft. So don’t install a set screw or you can damage the needle bearing. That bearing presses in.

Yeah I know. :slight_smile: I ordered 2 mechanical kits so I have 2 drive gears and two idle gears. Only one of my drive gears came with a set screw.

Dang, my kit won’t come till monday. Eh…no hurry.

To my surprise I received TWO bondtech units instead of the one I ordered. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to change my Eustathios to a dual printer.Don’t worry @Martin_Bondeus I’ll send payment for the second unit as described in my email. I’ll post pictures later today.

@Gus_Montoya looks like I need to redesign the new carriage for optional dual extrusion :wink:

I wanted to redesign the HercuLien carriage anyway. But that is a project for after MRRF. I am sure there will be a lot there to get ideas from.

Or I think you could sell the second unit @Gus_Montoya as I think there will be a big demand of the units once everyone starts to use them.

@Eclsnowman Hopefully I’ll be skillful enough to redesign the carriage myself by that time. But any contribution is appreciated as always.