I just received 4 of these in the mail....

I just received 4 of these in the mail… Can’t wait to compare them to the SD8825 I have been using for years now. The low noise operation modes and up to 1/128 microstepping are really cool upgrades from most of the steppers used out there right now.

Keep us updated since this is something I need to make a decision on soon :slight_smile:

@Eirikur_Sigbjornsson will do. I think they will be a killer combo with the rumored new controller Roy is working on. I think 1/128 microstepping would really benefit from a 32bit controller over the standard 8bit controllers out there.

@Eclsnowman My plan is to use the Smoothie 5XC on the big boy so these controllers could be a perfect fit for me.

@Eclsnowman Could those be drop in replacements for other controllers out there ?

As I understand it, yes these are drop in replacements for any of these standard socket style driver boards: http://files.panucatt.com/datasheets/sd6128_user_guide.pdf