I just pushed a new LEDstimator build out for testing;

(Robert Atkins) #1

I just pushed a new LEDstimator build out for testing; anyone on the beta list should have an email and can download the update via the TestFlight app on their iPhone.

If you can fire it up and give it a quick spin it would be much appreciated—if nobody finds any boneheaded bugs in the next couple of days I’ll push this version to the App Store as 1.2.

(Robert Atkins) #2

@Kasper_Kamperman Re: your comment on Gitter about the current draw for APA102©s calculated by LEDstimator; it was either a datasheet I found, or going off FastLED’s empirically-derived figures. I remember it being all over the map though—if you can find two different datasheets which give the same numbers for the same chip, I’ll be amazed.

(Ok, doing the research again… This datasheet: http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/APA102.pdf says “0.2W” @ 5V, which means 0.04A; but then this one https://app.box.com/s/8oevda04rtxruji01vje says “source current tpy 20mA”, which I can only presume is per colour. Then this (not pretending to be a datasheet but anyway) https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/111277734@N07/14117653018/ says "10.8W/m, 36 pixels/m which would add up to 0.3W pixel, which @5V would be 0.06A)

So who the hell knows?! I guess I need to get 5m of each of the types I can get my hands on, a sensitive current meter, and do the experiment myself.

(Kasper Kamperman) #3

I’ll do a measure later on with my APA installation of 128 leds. I’ll share my results in the group.