I just posted my newly developed to Thingiverse.

I just posted my newly developed #GCodeSimulator to Thingiverse.
It does an animation of the print recognizing the original print speeds.

@John_Ecker_GeoDroidJ Could this help?

I’ve been trying to find an online gcode simulator that handles cnc code for a mill, in addition to code for a 3d printer: it’d handle fast/g0, feed/g1, arc g2/g3 and the like. Will this? Will any others?


I’ve tried that, @Nils_Hitze – and in the past it’s refused to even load code the mill runs, with no diagnostic reports so I’m not sure why it’s dying. But he may have improved it.

@John_Bump If you send me an example of a mill file I can check if I can add support for http://hobbydev.ru visualizer

@Alexey_Ustyantsev I tried http://hobbydev.ru, its great. But some calculated values do not comply with the values I calculate with GCodeUtils (don’t know which is wrong). If you want to check: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44330

@Mathias_Dietz I’ve checked with several models. Most of the time total extrusion length is spot on, print time is higher in mine (not sure which one is right, but print time in mine is the same as Slic3r estimates), size seems ok too. Which values do not comply in your experience?

@Nils_Hitze Do you actually use Joes gcode viewer?

@Mathias_Dietz I think I found a bug in print simulator - it breaks on files with Z Lift, for example https://dl.dropbox.com/u/425113/bowden_hotend_plate.gcode

@Alexey_Ustyantsev only a few times, normally i use @Daid_Braam 's Cura GCode view, which shows layer, not the moving head

Ups … I didn’t consider Z-lifts. Thanks for pointing this out.
Update: hm, I think it is not caused by the z-lifts but because I don’t center the model on the screen (gcode files uses negative XY coords)

@Alexey_Ustyantsev – I’ll follow up on this thread tonight when I get home and can pull some code off the mill.

@Joe_Walnes whose ears might be burning, and who might be interested.