I just ordered a Rostock Max from SeeMeCNC.

I just ordered a Rostock Max from SeeMeCNC. Wish me luck on the assembly (terrified). ETA 5 days.

I have a few projects in mind for when I get the printer. One of which is making filament obsolete.

I don’t mean to scare you, but good luck and let us know how it went… https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OtDKx2kvAj4#!

eek. Well, I was already nervous about the probably over complex design. I guess I may have to bug him on the phone if I have problems.

The discussion on google+ https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/deltabot/K-jnscMwUwU

This review scared me for a while, but there are a lot of good reviews as well.

Well, if I have problems I intend to ask them lots of questions. I will probably give them lots of feedback to. I will probably be on a google hangout broadcasting it to some delta users. One may have a job lined up assembling the rostock max for seemecnc.

It sounds like the printer should be coming in tomorrow.