I just got this short one video of drilling,

I just got this short one video of drilling, made with a free handed phone camera.

All credits go to @jlauer ​.

What did you use to make the gorgeous solder mask?

I am going to have to give this a try. Thats’ fantastic!

@jlauer Apologize for my late reply, busy all day.

I used a soldermask like this, although I purchased locally: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1Pcs-PCB-UV-Curable-Solder-Mask-Repairing-Paint-Green-100G-Cheap-/171504772965?hash=item27ee7b2765:g:eXMAAOxydB1ShfOa
or just search eBay for solder mask paint.

After 2-3 tries you will get used to it and applying will be quite easy.

My method is to add some paint onto the board and use ear cleaning pad to distribute paint all over the board. Then I cover it with transparent plastic, cut a little bigger than board size (I take what usually people use as the front cover page while binding documents in the office) and then press the ‘front-cover’ and move along the board (old credit card is perfect to achieve good results) until I get quite equal paint distribution (this is not critical) and get rid of air bulbs (this is important). I tried to use a cold laminator, but rollers are too close and all paint was ‘pressed out’. Maybe I will re-engineer it one day…
Once painting is done, I put a solder mask print (transparency printed on laser, pads are black, all other clear) on top of the transparent ‘front cover’ and align with pads. Once this is done I put the “board<->paint<->front-cover<->soldermask printed on transparency” sandwich between two pieces of glass (slaved from a photo frame) and use a UV lamp to harden the solder mask. In my case 15 mins is OK.
As the paint on pads has been covered with black print, the UV soldermask paint is not hardened it this areas. Finally using a little acetone and paper towels makes the process complete. Soldering is nice, I never ‘killed’ the paint by that.

Good stuff. I’ve got that same solder mask but I never put it under plastic to get it smooth so I never got a nice finish. I’m going to try it with plastic to get it glossy.