I just got my K40 up and running,

I just got my K40 up and running, any suggestions as to where I find the honey comb base in Australia? Or what type of business I would try for it? And if it’s too expensive what cheaper alternatives have been tried?

Also what methods have people successfully used for adjusting bed height?

Junk automotive radiators are a great source or Ebay for honeycomb. For adjusting the bed you can buy a Z-axis table, what the call a lab jack off Ebay, or you can make a scissor jack out of wood or whatever you like that you can manually adjust.

I am going to try egg crate filter media for aquarium use. It’s basically a plastic grid but I’ve seen some good reviews on people using egg crate for cutting. Plus it seems to be fairly cheap on eBay around £7-10. For bed height adjustment I was thinking either lab jack or threaded bar with nuts and washers. I would say the lab jack is probably better though

Wouldn’t the laser cut through the plastic egg crate?

Has anyone tried using aluminium flyscreen supported with some thin vertically standing aluminium lengths